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Free Braining Defined

June 29, 2012

Reactive random thoughts.  Chaos. Swirling synapse activity based on the latest news.  Those times when you hear something that really pisses you off, puzzles you, confuses you and your brain sets off in directions and your response to the trigger forms, reforms but never really reaches the point where you could put it into words.

Free Braining.  Also known (to me anyways) as free range braining, although the free range part is more about brainstorming than reactive thought.

Who cares?  Probably nobody, but I think it will be interesting to see if free braining can be written down easier than forming verbal strings.

For example, today the once-great city of Stockton California had to declare bankruptcy protection because its pension and retirement benefits load had reached the point where the city could not afford to pay current city employees.  That magic combination of ridiculous retirement benefits ‘negotiated’ by the unions when times were good and times not being so good any more results in the ‘no money’ situation.  Ok, so far it’s all understandable, except for the part where the unions will not budge an inch in helping the city survive.  The mental image of a parasite that will suck the life out of the host, thusly killing both comes to mind.

What are they thinking will happen?  Would they really rather the whole ship go down than have retired workers give up some pay?  No, I suspect they think there is, somewhere, an infinite supply of tax money and if they can just hold on, the logical solution of raising taxes on the remaining citizens will finally occur to the city council and all will be fine again.  We are seeing this story being played out in cities and states across the country.  In very rare cases a union might agree to increase a token payment from employees, but it’s never much, and the story is the same in every case.  Public sector unions negotiate sweetheart deals, usually with union-backed city employees on the other side of the table, with no concern for where this money will actually come from.  Taxes are, after all, infinite.

Free braining.  It’s how we think about stuff without having to worry about saying something politically incorrect.  This blog is a collection of my free braining on topics of the day, in no particular order other than I was in some way irritated enough to take the time to turn free brain synapse activity into keystrokes.


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