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$3 bus rides and Barack

June 30, 2012

At some point I must have signed up for the Barack Obama email feed.  I haven’t canceled it because I am fascinated by what I see there.

Ok, I admit I don’t like the guy.  At all.  Full disclosure, I think he is a disaster, and I remember Jimmy Carter.

I have an opportunity almost every day to be eligible for dinner, bus rides, bbq’s and general hanging out with Barack.  All for $3.  Three bucks.  These have been going on for a while now, but I haven’t heard a single word from anyone that actually won and got to hang out with Barry.  Isn’t that a bit odd?

I can now instruct my friends and family  to redirect all of my birthday, Christmas, anniversary, father’s day and valentines day gifts to Barry.  Seriously.  Give him the money you would have spent on me.

This just seems to cheapen the whole intent of what he is trying to do: raise money for his re-election.  Are there actually people that would do this?  How would you react if you got such a message from a friend?  What if your friends don’t happen to be democrats?  How many of you actually really know how your friends vote?  I certainly don’t, and I am never nosy enough to ask.


While I may not like Barry and his ideas, I do respect the office of the President of the United States.  Not sure he does.


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