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Is he or isn’t he?

July 9, 2012

There is a new report out regarding Obama’s Social Security number.  According to the report, a private investigator (Susan Daniels of Ohio)  that specializes in identity theft issues has discovered that the number Obama has been using since forever was issued in Connecticut between 1977 and 1979.  So, what’s the problem?  Well, at the time  his social security number was issued, Obama was a teen, living in the state of Hawaii and had no connection whatsoever to the geographical area associated with his alleged SSN. Furthermore, the SSN application process at that time was different than today, making it all but impossible for a teen in Hawaii to obtain a social security number from Connecticut.

Hmmm.  OK, let’s just put this in the category of ‘internet myth’ and move on.  If this is the only thing one can find regarding who Obama is, pretty weak stuff.  But wait, what about his birth certificate mess in Hawaii?  What about his missing college transcripts?  What about his book ‘Dreams from my Father’ containing tons of made-up stuff?

Obama could easily put all of this to bed by providing a couple of simple documents, but instead his internal team has spend bazillions of dollars hiding stuff instead.  Why?  It doesn’t make any sense?

I’m not a ‘birther’ by any stretch, but when you start looking at the huge amount of mystery surrounding this guy, the fact that he was never vetted by the media back in 2007 (their admission) and nobody seems very interested in running any of this to ground today in the journalistic field, the questions becomes more important.

Isn’t this the stuff that made Woodward and Bernstein a famous couple?  Isn’t this the stuff Pulitzer prizes are given for?  What happened to the true field of journalism? And what is it about Obama that makes the liberal media put protecting him over their own journalistic professionalism?

This stuff scares me.


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