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Tonto, Go to town!

July 13, 2012

On the way to work this morning, I thought about the following:

The job of Presidential Press Secretary has to be the toughest job in the world. Seriously. This is a tougher job than that guy that sits in that little room at the very bottom of the Sumner tunnel in Boston.

Think about it. This person has to stand in front of a group of people every single day, a group that, as they say, ‘buys ink by the barrel’, take their questions and in real time come up with a lie. Over and over again, in every way and to every question. What’s worse, the group of people they are lying to KNOW the press secretary is lying. Before the question is even asked, the individual asking already knows they are about to be fed a steaming pile of festering words that sometimes don’t even make a complete sentence.

You have to wonder why anyone would want the job of White House Press Secretary. There can be no upside, the best you can be is a shill. What kind of twisted mind seeks out a job that requires they take questions and barf out answers regarding the policies and procedures of the massivly egomaniacal personality that we find in modern-day Presidents? Power is a weird thing indeed.

Once again I admit my right-leaning bias. I do not like anything about Obama, and for the most part I am writing about him, but I know that what I say applies to every President going back to Kennedy. Maybe further, but I can only remember back that far so its possible anything further back is made up and never actually happened. I like to keep an open mind.

Let’s consider the most recent White House press briefing. Jay Carney is asked about transparency and whether the President could ‘do more’ regarding providing more information about his background, college records etc… Given the levels of weirdness around Obama and who he really is, this seems appropriate. After all, the Obama camp is dragging up schoolyard fights Romney had 50 years ago, so we should be able to ask what kind of grades Obama got in college. If there really was a college. Or where he was born. Or where he actually got his social security number. Simple basic stuff that has never been revealed.

I imagine the Obama Presidential Library will be a big empty warehouse on the south side of Chicago.

And Jay Carney’s response?

“**The President’s record of unprecedented levels of transparency in the White House is well-established.**”
followed with:
**It is ‘preposterous’ to ask for Obama’s college records…**

Think about that response for a moment. Think about the personality one would have to have to utter those words to this group in that situation after three years of presidential fog machine production.

The Press Secretary is kind of like Tonto to the Lone Ranger. Remember him? The Lone Ranger would always say “Tonto, Go to town”. Tonto, without ever asking for an explaination, would go to town and every episode poor Tonto would get the crap beat out of him by the town bad guys.

Wow. I wonder how much you have to pay someone to do what Jay Carney does


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