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July 19, 2012

In spite of the fact that this week:

Weekly jobless claims shot up to 386,000 this week. (Where’s that tax return Romney??)

Foreclosures are up again (Damn it, I want that tax return!).

Factory activity contracted for a second month in a row. (You rich white bastard, what are you hiding?)

Home sales dropped a whopping 5.4% — the biggest drop in nine months. (You rich white Morman prick, gimme the tax returns!)

Retail sales dropped for the third straight month. (Not that you had ANYTHING to do with your success!)

Consumer confidence dipped to 84.7. (If it wasn’t for the Government, you would really suck)

U.S. business inventories increased by .3%… (You suck anyways Romney, where’s the tax return??)

retail sales dropped .1%. (Racist pig rich dude, the government made you wealthy!)

and food prices are skyrocketing, (Tax returns, tax returns racist rich prick)

…the mainstream media was able to avoid these distractions and stay focused on the critical issues of the day!

I feel better somehow…


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