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Tipping Point

November 8, 2012

I stopped blogging a few months ago as we headed into the election hysteria, it seemed that everything I wanted to say was already being said by others, probably better than I could.

Now I need an outlet for venting again.

I am sitting here in kind of a surrealistic funk, wondering if what happened last night really represents what the logical part of my brain forces me to believe, while the optimistic side of my brain is still trying to send out weak signals to make me feel ok.

Every law of election physics was broken last night. High unemployment, out of control government spending, stagnant economy etc. You know the list. Any one of the long list of Obama issues should have been enough to throw him out of office. The combined set of dozens of issues, running against a strong proven leader with the skills to fix this mess, there is no way we could have lost this. But we did. There are 59 million people in this country that were able to ignore all of his failures, or didn’t have the educational chops to see what was going on, or didn’t want their flow of free stuff from the government to stop.

What the fuck is going on?

Unfortunately, thus far I am not able to come up with any answers that have any good news in them. None. Is it actually possible that we have actually reached and passed the infamous ‘tipping point’ we have been worrying about for the last 15 years? Have we actually reached the point where there are enough people in this country that are getting free stuff from the government, don’t have any real understanding of where the government gets the stuff to begin with and don’t want the free stuff to stop?

Based on the evidence, it appears we have. There are 48 million people in this country receiving food stamps. Obama got 59 million votes last night, 2.5 million more than Romney. If the number of food stamp recipients was at the number (34 million I believe) it was when Obama was first elected, would he have been reelected? How many of those 14 million new food stampers would have voted for Obama if they didn’t get food stamps?

Could it really be that simple? Probably not, but I suspect the truth is in the number of people that get, as opposed to the number of people that give.

I will admit it, I am afraid. I am afraid for my kids, I am afraid for my country, I am afraid for the world-wide economics. It may be that bad. We have to assume that Obama is not going to change his ways or his views, the only final last safety switch we have is control of the House of Representatives. We are down to a single safety rope, If we lose that, we lose everything.

Maybe Obama will move to the center and become more of a moderate. With this guy, I don’t think so. It’s one thing to think you are LaBron James, it’s another to miss every shot you take and STILL think you are Labron James. That’s what we have in Obama. He is not going to become more moderate, he is going to become more emboldened.

I am going to be talking to a lot of people over the next few weeks to gain a better understanding of what others are thinking, doing, planning. I will continue to write. Maybe it will help.


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  1. I do think writing, and reading more of what others write, will help. That’s what I’m doing to understand more of the whys and hows of this election. I don’t think most people want to be on assistance. They are forced into it by the bad economy. People want to work. The “lazy poor” thing is a myth. But families in big cities, where most of the population is, can’t survive on minimum-wage jobs, and that’s all that’s available. There are in-demand professions, but they require college degrees. College is horrendously expensive now. Only a select few can afford it, so people take on huge loans, trying to hope it will work out when they get hired. They do get hired, but having 100k in student loans takes at least a decade of robust income to pay off, and many graduates are only getting part-time work, no benefits, no 401k.

    Many people who voted for Obama were not remotely thrilled with him. However, Romney, by comparison, just did not seem trustworthy. Character counts. He wouldn’t say how his tax cuts would be paid for. And his positions on marriage equality, reproductive rights, health care in general, and providing a path for immigrants to earn citizenship were in opposition to the majority of voters. Romney has a business track record, but I’m sorry, government is not a business and can’t be run like one. Government exists as a resource redistribution system, and a provider of necessary basic services. We vote on who we want to decide how our collective wealth will be applied and returned to us. Some of us can keep ourselves alive without government aid, but not many. Most of us require police and firefighters and teachers at some point – and even government-supported doctors, if we survive past the age where we can work. Couching the problem in terms of bigger/smaller/more/less government misses the point. We need BETTER, WISER government. More people who can make correct decisions.

    Complicated, huh? Hope my long-winded response gives you food for thought.

  2. Dennis Nah permalink

    As Dennis Miller pointed out
    Look at all the red on the electoral map last night. That red’s paying for all that blue.

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