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25% of Obamacare ‘signups’ do not have bank accounts

April 25, 2014

You just can’t make this stuff up.

So, Obamacare REQUIRES that you pay for your shiny new medical insurance via auto-deduct from your bank account. Kinda makes sense on one level, increasing the odds that the monthly premium is made. I suppose a credit card would have worked as well, but I wasn’t paid $680 million dollars to create the web site so I have no idea what I’m talking about.

(Side note: if the job description was to create a web site that didn’t work for $680 million dollars, I would have been all over it…)

The Washington Post is reporting that some 25% of signups that are qualifying for subsidies do not have a bank account, so there is no way for them to make a payment. Never mind that they were able to ‘sign up’ anyways and be counted in the 7,143,254 people that apparently are now insured through Obamacare. Also kinda funny that mid-February they could not tell us how many people had ‘signed up’ with any precision at all, claiming that the numbers just weren’t available, then all of a sudden they have single-digit precision. Someone in a decision-making position actually made this decision at some point, to require a bank account.

Oh, and the state of Georgia is reporting that OVER HALF of the signups on the state website have not made a payment yet.


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  1. Well, the first statement is inaccurate, and the last one is incomplete. The ways for paying are not the same in all states. You can autopay from a credit card in my state (WA), or even tie your policy payments to another person’s bank account who can act as guarantor, so you don’t need one yourself. Medicaid (in this state it’s called “Applecare”) is subsidized, so the patient isn’t paying for that themselves, hence no need for a bank account there either. And because of federal-run web site problems, the deadlines for paying were extended, so the totals published aren’t complete. It’s ordinary behavior for a large proportion of people who pay any kind of bill to do it at the very last minute allowed. Think how many don’t file their taxes until the last day.

    Write again next quarter, when you have a whole picture to look at.

    • Fair enough, although I believe the article in the Post was specifically talking about the federal exchange regarding the necessity of the bank account.

      Hard to get accurate info from anyone on the topic.

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