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Harry Reid and the Coincidences

April 25, 2014

No, it isn’t a new boy band launched by Simon Cowell.

I have to wonder about this guy (Harry, not Simon). My first question, of course, is how does a guy who has been a senator for a thousand years become so amazingly wealthy on a senator’s salary? The proper answer, because it has been asked, is something like ‘lucky stock picks’, ‘great investor’, that sort of thing.

Right. Whatever. I suspect this happens on both sides of the aisle, maybe just one of the perks of elected office.

The most recent BLM vs. Bundy Ranch adventure in Nevada gets really interesting when one starts to peel the layers back. On the surface, rancher Bundy has been using BLM land for his cattle grazing for a gillion years, and for the last 15+ years has not been paying the BLM for these grazing rights. This seems to imply that he was once paying the BLM, the details are murky. In any case, the BLM is actually right, and Bundy is breaking the law. Not a ton of argument there, the uproar is really about the very heavy-handed and sudden interest from the BLM in that land. Combine the BLM sudden attack with a public that is largely fed up with government in general and you get a powder keg.

What is fascinating is the 1st coincidence. Suddenly, in a fit of accidental journalism by the media, Harry Reid’s name is somehow linked to the mess. Not a lot of details, but the linkage is there. Several days later, the BLM backs off and leaves the conflict (along with a few freezers-full of beef I suspect).

Then it comes out that there is a Chinese solar company that is looking for a large tract of land in an always-sunny location in Nevada, creating coincidence number 2. So what, you ask? Solar farms are green goodness after all.

Well, we have to peel back another layer. The law firm that is representing the interests of the Chinese solar company just so happens to employ Harry Reid’s son. There is no doubt a ton of legal expenses in this operation, so Harry Reid’s son is looking pretty good at the firm these days, maybe sitting in a corner office even. This creates coincidence number 3.

Maybe just a ‘scratch my back’ sort of thing with the Chinese currying favor with the Reidmeister. Can’t hurt.

Well, we come to coincidence number 4. Harry himself had a nice trip to China some time back. The reasons for the trip are a little obscure, and the trip wasn’t very long, not really long enough to be some sort of State visit. Senator Reid apparently just felt it was time to show the Chinese people some love.

But this is the trigger event. Shortly after Harry returns, said Chinese solar company engages with said legal firm. Said legal firm shortly thereafter starts assisting said Chinese solar company with the acquisition of a tract of BLM property in Nevada so they can build said solar farm. Billions of dollars are at play here. Shortly after the pursuit of the BLM property, it is discovered that rancher Bundy is using that land, illegally! And shortly thereafter the BLM starts its attack in an attempt to get the Bundy cows to go home, and the militia gets its hackles up and everything gets ugly.

Until Harry’s name gets tied in.

But, it’s probably all a coincidence…

Harry is just really really good at picking stocks.


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