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Did the GOP win last fall or not?

February 25, 2015

There is something going on in our government that I am not understanding. Well, to be honest, there are tons of things going on right now that defy any sensibility, but in particular I don’t understand what is happening with our newly-elected senate members.

Specifically, there is a current fight regarding funding for the Department of Homeland Security. This fight was held-over from the general government spending bill passed late last year. The idea was that the new Senate and Congress would use this to battle Obama’s overreach on immigration by funding everything in DHS except the stuff to enforce the immigration nonsense. Cool.

Except now the Democrats, who are very very good at this sort of thing, have convinced the masses, and the GOP Senate leadership, of two things: that there is no way they will even debate this bill because of the immigration issue and that shutting down the DHS because of lack of funding will result in massive and immediate terrorist activity in the US. Oh, and it will all be the fault of the GOP, of course.

Didn’t the GOP just win a massive election turnover and take control of the Senate? Maybe I just dreamed that and it never happened, because as far as I can tell Harry Reid is still running things. McConnell seems to be about to cave on the issue, allow a clean vote on DHS funding with Reid’s promise that they will address the immigration funding as a separate bill ‘real soon now’.

Really? It is clear, if you read even a little bit of real news, that a lack of funding will not shut down DHS, other than the 15% or so of administrative staff. All ‘critical’ functions of DHS will continue to be funded, as they are considered essential. You will not see unstaffed security at the airport, all will be fine. So why doesn’t McConnell make this very clear and take the heat off of the GOP? Why cave? He knows that Obama will veto any subsequent bill regarding immigration funding, or lack thereof, so why bother? Is the GOP so in fear of bad press that they are unable to accomplish anything? Doesn’t make sense, they are going to get bad press anyways…

Why does it continue to be OK for the Democrats to misrepresent things to the general population? Why is it OK for politicians to get in front of banks of microphones and just outright lie?

These are supposed to be smart people running things like the Senate, so there must be something I am missing here.

Elections matter, as Obama has said in the past, unless the GOP wins.


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