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Head Fakes Make Me Nervous

February 27, 2015

I am not a conspiracy-theorist in any way (but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get me), but the political nature of things in the US has reached a level that is starting to make me really nervous. The drive to get and maintain power in government has reached levels that I never thought humans could be capable of, at least not in civilized times.

The liberal left has always been all about character assassination as opposed to debate of the issues. When your positions on issues revolve around obtaining and keeping power at all costs regardless of the impact on the citizens of the US it’s difficult to actually debate a position when you know that if the truth were actually known, you would never win another election. Throwing up smoke and attacking the individual is far more productive than defending your position on something, especially when your position is to gain more power.

This isn’t going to change, it’s just disturbing that the technique still works so well. To me it’s kind of like an NFL running back that has exactly one move, a head-fake let’s say. In the real world, this running back is going to have a short career as the defense quickly learns the one move and smashes the poor guy. In the case of the liberal-left, they also have exactly one move, attack the individual and ignore the real debate, but in this case it works time and time again, and has worked for decades. Aided by the liberal media amplification of the trivial, the technique works. I suppose this speaks to the current attention span of the average citizen, but that’s another article some day.

Scott Walker’s grade in college French class? Really? We still have no idea if Obama even actually attended a college, his records were sealed 7 years ago. Yeah, who cares, Scott Walker failed college French! Head fake.

Jeb Bush’s wife bought a crap-load of jewelry 15 years ago! OMG!! The fact that Obama’s last vacation to Hawaii cost us $19 MILLION dollars? Who cares, we’re talking JEWELERY 15 YEARS AGO!! Head fake.

Rudy Guiliani ( a private citizen at last check) doesn’t think Obama likes the US very much!!! Never mind the Alinski, Wright, pot-smoking coke snorting past of Obama, GUILIANI HAS AN OPINION! And to top it all off, SCOTT WALKER DOESN’T CARE!! OMG OMG OMG! Head fake.

Man-made global warming is an ‘established’ science? Established science creates irrefutable facts. Gravity and the theory of relativity are established science. The fact that there is still a ton of disagreement about means this isn’t established science, never mind if it’s true or not. Attack the scientists! The planet is doomed! Polar bears will die! Head fake.

The drive for power in this country has reached scary levels. We have seen the IRS turned into a weapon and used against conservatives in order to win elections. Yawn. We have seen ambassadors and staff left to be killed in Benghazi in order to avoid potential bad press just before a national election. Yawn. We have seen the main-stream press pretty much militarized against any Obama or Democrat opposition. Yawn. We have seen gun running by the ATF ignored, election fraud, tax cheats as cabinet members and a long list of outright lies told by the current administration to the American public, yet trivial matters continue to be blown way out of proportion by the liberal press and by the administration in order to move more controversial matters off the front pages. Scott Walker’s grades in college French class? Really? Holy crap!

The ‘media’ used to be all about doing what it takes to gain readership and win awards for investigative journalism. Given this, you would think that NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN and the rest of the liberal media would be paying attention to what Fox news is doing. Fox news ratings are higher than all of the previous mentioned outlets combined. Viewers equals ratings equals advertising dollars. In a normal capitalistic world the lower-rated outlets would begin to copy the higher-rated outlets and emulate them so their ratings would go up. This isn’t happening. In fact if anything the liberal media is getting worse.

Obviously viewers equals ratings equals advertising dollars is not applicable here. What does that tell us? The dollars are flowing into these outlets from sources other than advertisers; meaning these outlets are being used to push an agenda, not report the news. Occam’s Razor.

So is it so far fetched to believe these people will do anything in order to maintain power? Manufacture stories specifically to harm the opposition? Check. Report on issues ignoring the facts in order to push the agenda? Check. Position the successful outlets (Limbaugh, Fox) as haters, racists, bigots and homophobes? Check. Attack anyone that has a negative opinion about Obama? Check.

I have a bad feeling that this is going to continue to get worse, not better, over time. If Boehner can hold the line and not remove the immigration restrictions from the DHS funding bill, the DHS will shut down (well, 15% or so will, no office staff to make coffee) and the left will begin to manufacture crisis after crisis and stick the blame on the GOP. Old story. See the last shutdown and what was affected. But how far will they go to attempt to harm the GOP? Would they go so far as to create a terrorist attack on US soil to make their point?

It’s sad that we have reached the point in American politics where we would even remotely consider this as a possibility.

I am nervous.


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